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Ageing is a fact of life. There is nothing we can do to stop it so we must face it. What we do when we are young, does impact what occurs when we get older. Of course, nothing guarantees complete perfection but preventing vein contents before they occur is the best way to stop the problem in its tracks.

This aggravation of spider veins is an equal opportunity attacker. It spans all races and genders. It does tend to plague women much more than men, however. If these do occur within members of your family, you will be more likely to obtain them. You must take preventative measures so soon as possible to make your life easier.

How to prevent spider and varicose veins?

Too much body fat is an easy way to get this trouble. Extra weight makes your bones, muscles, organs, and veins work too hard. There is no reason to put more stress on them than they already have. You must get active and stay that way. Dancing, swimming, bicycling, running, walking, hiking, and gardening are types of low impact exercises that will help in your weight loss battle. Thirty minutes per day is the minimum required to keep you healthy.

Your choice of shoes and even clothing can obstruct proper blood circulation. Tight clothes, especially jeans, do not allow a good comfort level for the body. High heels, and snug, narrow shoes, damage your feet. This causes horrible stress on your bottom limbs and should be avoided, at all costs.

Your mother was not crazy to tell you to sit up straight. Good posture allows the organs of the anatomy to perform at their peak levels. Blood flow is important in keeping all your organs healthy. Sitting tall helps lower the pressure in your veins. Also, avoid crossing your legs, as this hinders upward flow to the heart. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor with your shoulders square and your head held high.

Standing for long periods is not good for your legs. If you must stand for several hours due to your job, try to take several small breaks during your workday. Walking to the restroom or water fountain for a few minutes assists in pumping the blood. If this is not allowed, elevate your feet when you get home. Allow them to stay in this position at least for an hour. Invest in a few pairs of compression hose or socks as weapons in your arsenal.

That old cliche, “you are what you eat” is very true. The food most people intake is nothing but garbage. We think we are doing well by grabbing the dollar menus at most fast-food restaurants. Little do we realize just how much damage we do to ourselves by partaking in this cuisine. You must eat better to stay well. Peanuts, blackberries, broccoli, beans, and whole grains are examples of foods we must put in our diets. Constipation contributes to the overall problems with very large, painful veins in the limbs. Eat better or your body will suffer the consequences.

These foods are filled with vitamin C, which is good in making the vessels stronger so your physique will remain at its peak level of wellness and avoid surgery vein. You will have better health and lack spider veins if you are willing to make a few changes.

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