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Those who have varicose or spider veins need vein help. These veins can be dark blue or red and are easily seen under the surface of the skin. Both affect the legs and spider veins occur in the face as well. Over fifty percent of women and almost fifty percent of men in the United States have a vein related problem. There are many treatments available to help with these issues such as vein help.

Varicose veins problem

Varicose veins are the result of weakened and malfunctioning valves. When blood is pumped through the veins of the legs towards the heart, it must counteract the pull of gravity. Ideally, blood is stopped from leaking back down through the closing of valves. If these valves are at all weak or inefficient, blood remains behind and pools in veins. When the veins have collected enough blood to where they must expand, they are likely to become thread veins.

When formed, varicose veins are either skin coloured, blue, or red. They can range from moderately swollen or forming large bulges underneath the skin. They appear in the veins of the legs, including the thighs, calves and ankles.

Spider veins problem

Spider veins are also the result of the backup and incorrect distribution of blood. The difference is the cause. They are not created by valves losing the fight against gravity, but by exposure to the sun or fluctuating hormones. They are also different in that they are smaller, but can still be seen because they exist closer to the surface of the skin.

Spider veins do not create bulges under the skin but spread out underneath its surface. They form on the face or legs and can be either blue or red. They can branch out and cover large surfaces, or be more limited to small areas.

Once they have formed, there are methods of treatment available. Compression stockings are the least invasive. These stockings apply pressure to the legs and come in different gradient levels. They range from low-pressure pantyhose that can be found at most stores to prescription strength. These stockings that require a prescription also require a professional to properly size them.

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