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The Dukan Diet Rules was created by Nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan. This new diet takes into consideration every aspect of the dietary process. This new trend diet is quickly gaining popularity with the Hollywood and English crowds. The fact that this diet promotes a healthy realistic lifestyle is refreshing. Amazingly enough, the diet plan works and is effective in removing excess weight and keeping it that way. With no starving involved, this diet plan is nutritionally sound and healthy for your body.

How does the Dukan diet look like?

To start with, the person in concern begins by eating nothing but protein for five to ten days, to retrain the body. This period is commonly referred to Dukan Diet phase 1 or so-called the “Attack Stage” and the individual will find themselves shedding pounds quickly. After this, the person then moves into the “Cruise Stage”. This period involves alternating between protein-rich meals and then protein and vegetables. At this point, the person will start to notice that shedding the extra pounds slows down but continues as you close in on your “ideal weight”. Stages 3 and 4 ensure the unwanted weight will not return.

There are many questions about the Dukan Diet. Certain stages will make use of protein-rich foods even after the diet has finished. In the middle stages, vegetables and pasta are introduced. Recipes that adhere to the Dukan Diet are easy to find. Whether you want to consume a protein-rich fish such as salmon or even poultry, creating dishes is quick and easy to do. You may also consume large portions if you would like. This advantage makes this diet very popular.

When considering recipes for your Dukan Diet approach, you must remember you have only two options. With option one, you can search for popular recipes that fit the individual phases online, or you can create your own according to the phase you are in. The Dukan Diet does not forbid foods nor snacks, but it does tell you when you can consume them.

Obtaining your ideal weight does not involve starving or spending the majority of your time in a gym each day. The key to this diet is moderation, understanding your body and where nutrition ties in, and making a commitment to the plan. With all of those in mind and when you take action, even if it’s just walking and stepping up your water intake, you will never feel like you’re on a diet. The requirements are discipline and of course patience.

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