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Coconut oil studies give conflicting opinions on the real effects of coconut oil on people’s health. At one end of the spectrum, scientists say that coconut oil is toxic because it is classified as saturated fat and may increase heart risk. At the other end of the spectrum, coconut oil studies argue that coconut oil does not cause heart disease but contains medicinal properties. The poor consumers are, of course, baffled with the opposing and confusing findings on coconut oil studies.

Coconut oil is widely used especially in tropical lands where there is an abundance of coconuts. The oil is always used for cooking, baking, and even for beauty and health such as lotion, hair conditioner, and lip balm. If the Greeks can not function without their olive oil, this is the same with those people where coconut oil is already part and parcel of their lives black late kawa odchudzająca. Thus, it is necessary to establish the facts before making any bad judgment on the hapless coconut oil.

The bad image associated with coconut oil articles research in the 1990s. A group of activists like the Center of Science for the Public Interest (CSPI), American Soybean Association (ASA) and other consumer groups declared that coconut oil articles contain saturated fat. At that time saturated fat is like a “scarlet letter” because it is associated with bad cholesterol and heart disease. The campaign furiously continued until food establishments and American food manufacturers have to eradicate coconut oil and other tropical oil (palm oil, kernel oil) in their products which, naturally, made the oil-producing firms very angry.

Latest findings declare coconut oil as healthy

There are recent coconut oil studies that support the use of coconut oil. These scientists argue that coconut oil has been misjudged and has instead a lot of health benefits. The argument is that coconut oil does contain saturated fat, which like cholesterol may be good or bad. The fats found in coconut oil are good saturated fats because they are not stored in the body (the cause for obesity) but is easily digested and utilized into energy

In a paper presented by Dr.Mary G. Enig, she pointed out the following benefits derived from eating coconut oil and cited various coconut oil studies, as summarized:

  • Coconut oil controls obesity. It is observed in a conducted metabolic research that people who eat food-enriched coconut oil has reduced fat storage.
  • Coconut oil is especially helpful for the good absorption of calcium and fat from infant formulas.
  • Another argument for the use of coconut oil is its health properties. It contains lauric acid which is the same substance found in mother’s milk. When ingested, lauric acid is converted to monolaurin that fights bacteria, virus, yeast and fungi. Some believe that coconut oil might have the possibility to cure enveloped viruses such as measles, herpes and HIV.

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